Training of the pectoral muscles

The pectoral muscles fall into the category of large muscles, located in the upper front of the chest, originating from the sternum and ending on the arm. The pectoralis major is composed of a single muscle, the pectoralis major plus a small muscle located below called the pectoralis minor

Commonly one hears erroneously of high, low and central pectoral. This differentiation is incorrect but only identifies the different areas. The chest exercises, therefore, act on the entire muscle, if anything varying the region of the muscle where they act most.

Usually, the training of the pectoral muscles includes multi-joint exercises such as barbell pushes suitable for the development of strength and general volume, combined with proviron online such as handlebar openings or cable closures to work more on the details. 

Features of training chest muscles

If you specialize in nursing or they are behind in overall development, you need to alternate them with triceps training. It is not recommended to load them on the same day, since during the study of the chest, triceps are loaded and vice versa.

While working with triceps, the pectoral muscles are partially involved, such training provides insignificant loads. That is why alternating training of the chest and triceps is so useful — the muscles each time undergo a different load, which prevents muscle adaptation and creates the desired supercompensation of various parameters.

For beginners in bodybuilding, chest training should occur no more than twice a week. The minimum break between the loads on the pectoral muscles is 2-3 days. A beginner only needs 1-2 exercises for 2-3 approaches. To increase muscle mass use 10-12 repetitions, to increase strength indicators — 6-8. Who has exceeded 40, not more than once a week.

Breasts are best worked out with basic exercises. One of them is the bench press in the supine position. In this case, both an inclined and horizontal bench are used. Another good exercise is push-ups on the uneven bars. For bodybuilders less than two years old, the use of isolating exercises is not recommended.



The openings with dumbbells, both performed on a flat bench and on the stability ball, work on the whole pectoral muscle but with particular emphasis on the external part. The anterior deltoid is recruited as a muscle



The openings with dumbbells performed on the high bench work specifically on the external/high area of ​​the pectoralis major, developing symmetry and shape of the pectoral. The anterior part of the shoulder is recruited as a secondary muscle.